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Requesting Advice : Missing Badge?

Super condensed version of the story :  

So several months ago I got a cheapish badge commission ($25 or $30, I believe) to be picked up at Califur. I finished the badge, emailed the customer a scan (low and high res) and all was great and good. 

Two months before Califur, I move from my old house to an apartment, where I have my own studio space. All of my anything that is art related is in this studio. I'm about halfway unpacked - the stall right now is I need to buy more furniture to unpack things INTO. Right now about half the studio is usable while half is still in boxes. As I'm packing for Califur, I remember the badge delivery, and tear my studio apart trying to find it with no luck. So, instead of showing up empty handed, I took the high-res scan of the badge and made a print of it. 

Califur happens, the customer shows up to pick up his badge, I explained that I just moved, tore my studio apart looking for the badge, but couldn't find it so made him a mock up and the minute I find the real badge, I will contact him immediately. He seemed okay with this and walked away. 

This was two weeks ago and I've already been contacted three times asking if I have looked for the badge, if I have found it, and that he hasn't heard from me yet. 

I'm wondering what I should do - I know I have the badge, but it might be a while before I can 100% unpack my studio. I know that the customer knows the badge is done... but I can totally understand wanting the actual badge in your hands. 

Should I ask for him to wait? Offer a partial refund? Something else? 

EDIT : He's contacted me through twitter, but I have absolutely responded each time he's contacted me. 
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