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No Contact / Deadbeat Bidder? berion2789/berion27

WHO: berion2789 on Dealer's Den / berion27 on


WHAT: Used buy-it-now on an auction for a fursuit.

WHEN: It all started a week ago on the 9th, when he used "buy it now" at approx. 2am Eastern time.


Message board from Dealer's Den, most recent is C&P of the most recent e-mail I've sent:

E-mail 1: (June 9)

Congrats, you're the winner of the auction for the dog fursuit!

I've obtained a shipping quote for the costume to be sent to Poland; looks like it will be $160 total for packing, shipping and insurance, so your total comes out to $960. As soon as it is paid for, I will ship your costume out for you!

Thanks again!


E-mail 2: (June 11)
I am writing to confirm your payment method for the dog costume on Please let me know when I will receive payment, as I have not had contact from you since the auction's end.

Thank you! :
Piszę w celu potwierdzenia formy płatności za kostium psa na Proszę dać mi znać kiedy otrzymam zapłaty, nie miałem kontaktu z tobą od czasu zakończenia aukcji.


E-mail 3: (Sent twice, on June 13 and June 14)
Hi there,

I have tried multiple times to contact you but with no response. It has been nearly a week since you chose to "buy out" my auction listing on The Dealer's Den and I have not had any communication whatsoever.

If no payment has been received by 11:59pm (23:99) Eastern Time on June 15, I will be re-listing the auction and leaving negative feedback on your profile on the web site.

Please respond immediately.

Thank you. :

Próbowałem kilka razy się z Tobą skontaktować, ale bez odpowiedzi. Ma już prawie tydzień od kiedy postanowił "wykupienie" na mojej aukcji The Dealer's Den i nie miałem żadnego zawiadomienia w ogóle.

W przypadku braku płatności nie otrzymała 23:59 (23:99) czasu wschodniego 15 czerwca będę ponownie aukcję aukcji i pozostawiając negatywne opinie na swój profil na stronie internetowej.

Proszę odpowiedzieć od razu.


EXPLAIN: Last Thursday morning, I saw that someone had used the Buy-It-Now feature on my auction. I contacted him first using the site's messaging system, and then followed up with an e-mail. I also used the site's "send invoice" feature to let him know how much was due before I would be able to ship the costume. It listed his address as being in Poland, so I initially asked if he was coming to the States for the convention of if he wanted me to ship to Poland; when I got no immediate answer, I quoted shipping to Poland.

Then, on the 10th, I also received an order from the same person on my site for a tail, and it indicated the user planned to pay with a money order. This is the ONLY information I ever received from this individual on a payment method; NO other contact had been made before, or since.

I started to get a little nervous, primarily because if this person doesn't pay for the auction they won, the prime time to list the fursuit for auction (prior to AC) will have passed. So I contacted him to confirm that payment was on the way, but never received a reply. I also used Google translate just in case there was some sort of language barrier, though I doubted it because of their navigating & bidding on English web sites. Better to be safe than sorry..

Two days ago, I decided to send a warning e-mail, letting him know that since I had not received any kind of contact or payment, I plan to re-list the costume on the web site unless contact is made.

In an additional effort to find anything out, I googled the user name, only to find a couple of other listings that this person bought out on the Dealer's Den site, so I contacted those people to see if they had any communication, but I haven't heard back from any of them, either. :\

On the one hand, I would feel bad if I re-list the costume, and I eventually do get my money order, which would have to be returned. On the other hand, I haven't had any contact whatsoever, and I'm increasingly frustrated that a window of opportunity is about to pass for getting that costume sold. I know part of it is my fault for not including "international customers must use PayPal" on my auction listing; hindsight is always 20/20 and typically I put that in, I guess I just forgot. I feel like I gave this customer adequate time to respond, with absolutely zero contact.

Any advice? Anyone know this person or have experience with them?
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