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Hi there!
I don't believe I've ever posted here before, but I've been watching the comm for awhile. The reason I'm posting now is because I need some help, and have seen other artists post for some advice on policies and whatnot.

I recently started selling some of my crafts online on Etsy. I am very new to the game and really have no idea what I am doing. Last night I got an email from another user asking if I accepted custom wholesale items. Now, I'm not quite sure what a custom wholesale item is, which is the first area where you guys come in. I'm thinking it's a bulk order of the same item or something? But I'm really not sure, and I'm afraid if I ask the guy, it'll make me look like the newb I am XD

Also, since I am very new to the selling, I don't have any policies set-up. I really set up my shop just to test out the waters. Reading this community, I am terrified of getting ripped off or worse, becoming a bad commissioner. Does anyone have any advice or perhaps a template on how I should write and word my policy/TOS?

I was quite busy last night (yay graduation!) so I was unable to reply to the possible customer. I would like to get a reply to him as soon as possible, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Since this took a few days to get posted, I went ahead and contact the potential buyer back.
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He never specifically answered by question about what he meant by 'wholesale'. He has only one feedback message on Etsy, and has only sold three items since he has moved his shop to his own personable website.

I quoted him a price for what I charge for my plushes anyways, but he has yet to respond back. Once he replies, I'll ask him again what he means by wholesale. Since he does have his own website, I'm thinking he does intend to resell the plushes.

If he would be reselling the items, should I still take the commission? I would really love to do this commission, but if he does intend to use them as wholesale, what should I do? Should I ask him to credit me on his site, and include a link to my shop? Are there any other sort of precautions I should take?
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