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Refunding System?

Hello, everyone.

I decided that commissioning is just not for me and admittedly say that I cannot plan my time well enough to take commissions. Unfortunately, when first opened fursuit commissions, I was sent MANY orders and I felt guilty for turning them all done. Because of this, I have a huge load on my plate that I still need to finish.

I am in the process of refunding several (most) of these clients and I wanted to ask you all a question. Since I do not get paid a lot (I have a dead end job) and don 't get many hours each week (barely part time), I can only send out about $40-50 each pay check. Fortunately, I am getting hours so this will surely increase.

In my system, I go down a list of people to refund in increments. For example, person A gets refunded this week, person B gets refunded the next, Person C the next, then back to person A to start the cycle again. Keep in mind I do get paid biweekly.

Is this a good system? I want to be fair and refund everyone a little at a time rather than make them all wait for one person to get completely paid off until I even start on them.

I have one or two commissioners that don't seem to like this idea. What should I do? If you were in my position, what would you do?

Also, I really, really hate to say this, but to avoid any drama, I'd love to avoid any lectures on how "oh Koisnake, look have you done" or "Koisnake, you are a terrible humanbeing for taking on this much you should be ashamed of yourself". I already know I am a horrible human being for getting over my head with this and not keeping on top of things so I would be grateful if I wasn't reminded, haha. :)

Thank you!
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