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Lost Contact - Wufskeh (Furbuy)

 So, I sold a tail up on Furbuy, payment went through without a hitch, ok fine n dandy.

However I've been trying to confirm their shipping address for the past few days and they haven't emailed since (I had stated I would be out of town a couple days and I would ship it when I got back, but I haven't heard from them since before I went out of town).

They have a shipping address within their paypal, but there's a part I wasn't sure of (if it's just a different kind of apartment number that doesn't use numbers or if the address is even right in the first place, I can't tell). The zipcode I was given to calculate shipping matched with the address, but that's all I got.

In the event they just don't get back to me, I'll go ahead and refund them before relisting, but how long should I wait? I don't want to be sitting on it for too long, but I don't want to refund too soon to where they contact me say...the next day or same day that happens. (Because that's just my wacky way of luck.)

Thanks in advance.

Tags: advice for artists, comm-wufskeh, fursuit, lost contact
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