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Avsun Update-- Internal Conflict

 While I personally have not commissioned Avsun, I know that there are a lot of people who have and who have had issues with missed deadlines, lack of communication, etc.

I found this Facebook Update, posted yesterday, which might explain some of the issues that have been going on:

"Hey Everyone! Esh is here, alive and no worse for wear. I've been trying to hold Avsun Mascots together through a very messy internal conflict in the company to no avail. Avsun Enterprises, inc dba Avsun Mascots dissolved May 1st, 2011. I want to continue building the remaining accounts as freelance, since I am no longer employed by Avsun Enterprises. I know this is disheartening on many levels but not all is lost, I have already spoken to a few people who would still like me to make their suits. I am currently still in transition but will return to production once I make a place to do so. Please message me here for the time being, Thanks."


Unfortunately it looks like issues stopping production will be ongoing.

Tags: artist-avsun mascots, fursuit

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