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Warning and praise.

First of all the warnings.

Schnookums: I gave him two months to pay $20 for an original, he had plenty of possiblities to mail me on either of my three active accounts, or leave me a p-mail on Tapestries where I saw him hurriedly pass by several times but never did. From what I gather it also takes months for him to ship anything to his customers.

Assinio: Oh the tales I could tell.. He produces the 'cat scratches' and 'hare trigger' CD's for which he 'commissions' artists. However, I've spoken to several artists (over a dozen) whom he's never ever paid and still owes several hundreds to. He'll try and pay artists their fee in CD's when cornered. Ask around, he has a really bad trackrecord for paying.

Brian O' Connell: We paid him what.. Three years ago, four? There's people who've been waiting longer however. Always bitches about how he has to pay the rent and is busy drawing for this or that but as far as I know never gets any commissions done, ever. He -does- accept payment in advance however.

Then the praise:

CharlesdeleRoy: Generous bidder who in my case paid everything in advance, knows what he wants quickly, very patient and pleasant to talk to.

Graybunny: Same, I'm so lucky with bidders like these :)
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