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Avsun Mascots

Who: Avsun Mascots

What: Fursuit Head Commission


I am sure some of you have been hearing about the new fursuit makers who have been having an increase in a bad reputation. 

Around November I was looking for somebody to commission a fursuit head by and Prefur pointed me to them on a thread on the FA forums. At that time they seemed professional and I did not see anything bad on their profile and such so I decided to go with them. We corresponded over E-mail about the options and costs and they seemed like very nice people. I commissioned them for a head with resin eyes and resin moving jaw which came out to $550. The down payment was $167 and the monthly payments were $77. I asked for completion in May to be in time for a upcoming convention in June that I would like to have the fursuit in time for. They said they could make it in time. 
Whenever I sent money over I would first send them an email, saying it is on the way soon and after I sent it I would send another email making them aware that I had already sent it. I kept every email and recorded the date of the payments sent. 
Everything was going fine for a while with regular emails with questions and other things but then in January when I was asking them about when they would ask for measurements they said they would do that when it gets closer to construction. I thought this was a bit strange because usually the down payment is used to buy for the basic supplies to begin construction. 
When April came I noticed that most of my emails were going unanswered and then saw that other people were starting to have other problems with them too. Some of them were past their due dates by weeks, some even a few months. They said something about how they moved and their internet was not up yet. I posted a journal on FurAffinity about the situation and how I was getting nervous and some other stuff.
The journal is here: 
As you can see in the comments section Blarmajin had made me aware that there had been postings on Artists_Beware. She sent me the link but for some unknown reason I could not view it at the time so she sent it to me via note. After reading the article I started to get even more nervous and tried to contact them again but I kind of gave them the benefit of the doubt and thought about how every artist goes through a time when keeping up with commissions due to personal events happens some time. 
They uploaded a few journals about what was going on and some of them were surprisingly personal. A lot of people it was strange to spill out that much information to commissions for excuses. The last journal they posted was about how they moved their studio and were trying to settle in. I congratulated them, hoping that now that they are moved in they would finally reply to emails but as the time went on comments started to appear on the same journal of people looking for their WIP pictures and updates. 
By this time I was getting spooked and emailed them about getting a refund. Nothing. I then emailed Prefur since I know she knew them personally and she gave me their number. I was a little wary about calling them as it is hard to keep a record of the conversation like email but I figured if it is the only way I can contact them I might as well. When i first called I got the answering machine but Esh, one of the owners of avsun, called me back. I told him I was considering getting a refund due to recent events and he told me if I wanted to I could get a 100% refund since no labor had gone into my commission yet. He then went on (for a long time, a very talkative guy) about if I still wanted to go on with the commission they could also make me free handpaws and make sure that it comes in time for the convention. I thought that maybe the free handpaws thing was a way to try to get me to stay with them and I probably should of gone with the refund but I figured with the time left to the convention even if I did get my refund it would be impossible to find another fursuit maker who is open willing to do an order in that amount of time. 
After that we communicated over text (since the internet was still out apparently ) and he said that they were going to order my jaw for the head. On the first Saturday of May they ordered it. I checked in a few times and Esh said that the jaw was going to come in on the 13th and he would text me as soon as they get it and would keep in touch.
I have heard nothing since. I sent them texts, called them, sent e-mails and notes and still nothing. The calls seemed to go straight to the answering machine or get the lady saying the number you are calling is unavailable at this time, so it is a possibility that their phone line could be down. Yesterday (May 29th) I sent an e-mail to their quotes email, Esh's email, Sarlune's email, and Prefur's email pretty much demanding for a reply and updates. I was patient with them at first but this is getting absurd and I am starting to get aggravated. The convention is in 19 days and I am starting to pull my hair out with stress. They better clean up their act soon. I should of just gone with the refund when I could of. 
Just do not commission them.

EDIT (May 31st)
I finally got a reply from prefur of a note I sent her a few days ago. She said they were changing phone numbers recently and that was probably why my calls did not get through. I told her I wanted a refund minus the cost of the jaw they ordered of course and her exact words were:

"If you'd like a refund I will be happy to tell him. But currently he does not have the funds to give a refund, so you would have to wait until funds are available to him again :( "

So basically they spent my money...which is completely messed up. I told her that when he can send me my refund as soon as possible to [my paypal] and such. Kinda makes me more upset though that they spent it, probably not even on fursuit supplies. Well, hopefully they send it now that she knows I want it and I gave her my paypal.

EDIT (July 10th)

Been meaning to update this but I kept forgetting. Esh finally started posting stuff up on his Facebook. On June 1st he said that on May 1st  (a month earlier and now we are hearing about it?) that Avsun dissolved. He said that they got a divorce and is trying to continue on all the commissions. You can clearly see that people are looking for updates but he is not responding directly which is a little frustrating. I even heard news that he finished a body suit, said he was going to send it but never ended up doing it. I contacted Prefur and she said she could not do much since she was miles away. In a certain wall post he said "Flicker is next in cue" when the owner of flicker was asking for a reply so it seems he must be ignoring her. I have no clue what is going on with him, but at least we are hearing something about him instead of just completely running off. If you want to get in touch with him, I advise trying to get to him through his facebook. I understand he must be going through a hard time with his marriage ending and all but if he at least stayed in clear contact people would be a lot more understanding. 

EDIT (July 31st) 

I think by now I have lost all respect and patience for them. Just a few days ago, Esh Avsun had deleted his facebook which was the ONLY hope in contacting him. A lot of people are mad. They completely abandoned their FA, DA, and LiveJournal account and I think also their emails. I sent a note to Prefur asking her about why he deleted his FB and if there is a chance of contacting him. It seems she is now our only way in getting some news from them. I am almost mad that she is not taking responsibility, they were HER assitance, SHE told me to commission them on the FA forums on a thread I created and SHE advertised them, bringing in the majority of the customers. I would not be in this mess if it was for her, and I have been hearing that she is also creating some problems with her commissioners. 
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