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Dealing with a friend? :/

So, this isn't a beware yet but I suppose it may be if it goes on any longer, unfortunately.

I mostly would just appreciate advice right now because it's an awkward situation.

I commissioned a very close friend of mine for some badges a few months ago. I've commissioned them before and I've always gotten the pieces and been happy, etc. I was expecting a similar situation this time but it's been over two months now and I haven't heard a thing. I've confronted them a number of times and have either been avoided COMPLETELY or been told that they were done, while never seeing a scan of them or anything -- even after asking for a scan directly multiple times. They have just been either not replying to me for a long enough amount of time that the next time we talk they can bring up another subject, or they bring up another subject immediately. Usually something to do with their life troubles (financial, health, etc.) so I feel really guilty trying to press them on it afterwards, which I can't help but feel is deliberate. :/ And I also can't help but feel like I am being ripped off.

Anyway. I don't know how to handle it because they are a friend and all and they have been for quite a long time. I really wouldn't even be mad if they hadn't drawn them up yet or something. It mostly hurts that I feel like I am being deliberately lied to by a friend. But they also happen to be very defensive/aggressive so I'm afraid of even confronting them about it politely because I know from experience that they will lash out. Agh.

Help? :/
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