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Need contact!

 Hey, this is not a beware, but I definitely don't remember this artist's name and need to get into contact with them.

It was the girl who was making the really good free badges in the Elliot's artist alley this weekend and was mostly sitting with a guy named Inu (who I also can't find on FA). She was going to make me a free badge, which isn't a big deal if I ever see or not, but I let her borrow my xacto knife and had to leave before I could find her again. Does anyone know who this was and can link me to their FA? Thanks!


Info that may help, I requested a badge similar to a drawing they had in their art pad (not sure if it is posted online somewhere). This drawing was a coyote forelegs and up wearing green shutter shades with a minimal background and sun with the text "Coyote Cool."

Edit 2:

Someone who has begun following me after ESG has noted me saying he knows who I am seeking and gave me a FA name. I have noted them, but I won't say case closed until I get a response from them. It also appears that they let a second artist use the knife and then left it in this artist's care. This artist then handed it off to someone else. That bit is really hearsay and what someone told me until I have had confirmation from the artist(s) in question, but I will update on that. I still have no contact with the other supposed two artists, one of which goes by Inu and has a sergal fursona, who is the second artist in question. Basic FA search doesn't turn up his name.

Edit 3:

They noted me back right after I edited this and I found them. If anyone else is looking for her to contact about their badge, her FA is CrestedDog. They do not have my xacto, but that can be handled without the help of the community here. Thanks everyone! Case closed!
Tags: artist-crested dog studios/evilalcarne, artist-furry freak studios, lost contact, resolved

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