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Unusual situation with commissioner?

This isn't a beware -- it's more of a "I need advice" sort of thing.

I was commissioned recently by someone who wanted to commission a gift for a friend. They commissioned me rather close to their friend's birthday and so they agreed to pay for it as a rush order, we agreed on a date and I was very comfortable with everything. They were very, very nice, reasonable and paid quickly and in full!

I got probably like 80% done with the plushie (due date was the first week of June, I was prepared to have it finished last week) when I got a message from the commissioner saying that I should put the plushie on hold due to some troubles that seem to have come up between them and their friend. From what I understand the friend in question probably wouldn't appreciate a gift from them right now and it doesn't seem like the commissioner would want a plush of their friend's character hanging around if they are having an out, so I understand why. But I'm not entirely sure what to do. I put the plush on hold for right now and I'm just hoping the argument wasn't too terrible. :<

Like I said, they paid a rush fee and I was going to be able to have the plushie done early -- I just feel bad because they did pay extra and it was a pretty expensive plush to begin with and now it seems like that will have been a waste of money on their end one way or the other. So, I'm tempted to offer them their rush fee back -- though I set quite a bit aside to finish it on time, so I also don't want to, haha (and of course I can use the cash myself).

I also don't know what I should do about finishing it. I'm anticipating probably another 6 hours or so of work until it's done, which is not terrible but I could be using the time to finish some other more time-sensitive projects (preparing for AC, etc.) and they gave me permission to set it aside, but again I feel guilty, haha.

Anyway, it's just an odd situation. I feel terribly because the commissioner was so nice and it just seems like a really unfortunate situation for them. What would you guys do? D:</cut>
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