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2 years. And counting.

WHO: who is also on other sites that are linked on her page

WHERE: who i have also contacted through the email linked on their FA page - SqueedgeMonsterArt[at] whose email used to be monsterguts[at]

WHAT: Originally it was for a traditional badge for 23$ that I was REALLY looking forward to, i had commissioned it in may in hopes of having it by my birthday June 28. A year and a half later I sent an email asking what was up, and the order was changed to a pinup since i had waited so long. It was also supposed to be traditional, and mailed out to be upon completion like the badge was supposed to be.

Here are screen caps of emails between me and her when i first commissioned on may 20th 2009

May 20th 2009, commission approved and payed for

Then in November of 2009, i sent this email, to which i got no reply

on august 23 2010 i sent this email

on august 29 2010 she finally answered back to me. the following screencaps are messages sent back and forth between me and her. the bottom is what she says, and the top bit is what i answer back. they have the dates on them

on august 31st she send me the sketch for approval, it looked nice.

September 11, 2010 she sends me a photo she took of the colored piece. her scanner wasn't working, so it wasn't a quality picture that i saw.

September 12 2010 i answered her email about my address and such

17 days later, September 29, 2010, still hadn't gotten it in the mail, wondering if she had sent it? i got no answer back

November 24, 2010 sent another email, no answer back

April 1, 2011, getting upset, sent another email, still no answer back

April 16, 2011. sent a note on FA, even though she said she doesn't communicate through notes on FA (messed up IMO) FA indicates that note hasn't even be read.

WHEN: I provided time line information with the images, but i payed and got the commission OKed on May 20th 2009, got a finished product (though not the one i originally asked for) on September 11, 2010, and still have yet to have it sent to me in the mail as promised.

PROOF: my proof is above, in the screen caps

EXPLAIN: I had always liked her art, so i had gotten a little bit of money to spend in my paypal and really wanted to buy myself a birthday gift. My birthday was on June 28th. I had commissioned the badge on May 20th, hoping it was enough time to be able to see it by my birthday. I wasn't too upset when my birthday passed and hadn't gotten it yet. Maybe a month wasn't enough time to do a badge? Christmas started to approach and I was like...well hey, X-mas gift to myself instead. Nothing. Then another birthday passed, so I got upset and tried contacted them more and telling them how upset I was with emails. She said she was sorry and upgraded my commission to a pinup instead of a badge, and told me they would still ship it out to me. September 2010 I got a low res photo of the finished image and was told to send my mailing address, which I did. From that point on I sent emails telling them I hadn't gotten it yet and asking if they had sent it. I never got an responses back and still haven't gotten it. I don't even have a good scanned version..They still upload things often, so I know they didn't like...die or anything. I am really upset about all of this, and now I am moving again, so if they send it out now without contacting me or answering my emails, it'll go to a wrong address and I will never get it.
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