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Another Edit: She's now paid me for how much my half was worth, so this is now resolved.

EDIT: Added some screenshots

This first started before I started to keep track of things. I willbe  trying hard to find proof, but it's possible I may forget somethings and be unable to find them. I apologize in advance!



WHAT: Just an art trade.

WHEN: They first contacted me for a trade on June 19th, 2010. It took a little while before I started on the trade, do to commissions and other things. I kept her updated, as I have at least one note telling her, but I finished it on August 13th, 2010. Found here:

PROOF:  So, I got some screenshots together.  I think this should be everything important, but I could have missed things. I put spaces between notes to show the gaps of new notes, not replies. I think almost everytime I asked for a preview, she missed her deadline of when she'd send it and I would need to poke her t'ill she did.

EXPLAIN: I'll try to relay this as best I can. If she sees this and corrects me, I'll apologize for anything I may have gotten wrong. Anyways, I finished my half and waited for her to finish hers. After a while I did note her for an update and they said they had a sketch started and would send it to me tomorrow when they were home. It took a week to get that sketch, by me poking for it. Looked good and I left her alone for a bit.

At one point, she did break her pen tablet and couldn't work on anything digital. She did ignore notes as well. I will always find that no one has an excuse for not replying to notes when they have time to upload fursuit photos. I ended up noting her and starting to get annoyed. If she wanted to go with traditional, I'd be happy with that. She told me the inks were finished, so it was always possible for her to print it out and color it.

After a while, I noted her some more and it seemed things were finally going to be done, new pictures done all traditional. "
" Yea, I don't have a scanner currently, but I did start doing some traditional stuff for you.
I'm making a traditional badge for you, as well as a couple sketches and a little derp, like these:

Then, once I get a new tablet, I'll finish the piece I started.
When I get these traditional pieces done, I'll grab some webcam pictures of them for you.
Are you gonna be at any cons so I can give them to you?"

This was sent on March 29th, 2011. We did become a little bit more buddy buddy, as she is a nice person and I enjoyed talking to her on IM, but not it's started to get more ridiculous as time goes by.

She's been gone to several cons it seems, from reading her journals, so she does have time and most likely cash if she wanted to pay for it instead. I never did directly ask for any refund, as it would be preferred to have art, but she did ask people to email her with how much the picture would be worth money wise.

She also recently has been doing sketch commissions, all done the day it's ordered, to save up for the tablet pen. While a good idea, I am put off that these are being worked on before others.
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