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Beware: Kurisutaru

As a follow up to the before post here, from October last year, I felt I needed to give a possible follow up on this as before, both for a little advice as the situation has not changed a lot and a beware based on my friend's work etiquette, as she has stated she is considering opening commissions in the future to start earning some funds for herself.

First off, the artist is Kurisutaru. She has been a rather good friend of mine and back in mid to late 2009, we were talking about her art. She was entering an art contest of mine, but complained about her current art tablet she had.
Basically, the agreement was made that I would purchase her a tablet for her and she would repay me in the equal amount of commissions.

First tablet went missing. It is believed a family member stole it and sold it from what she told me, so I had already made a loss of about $100 or so.
The second one arrived safely and she was happy with it.
Over the next few months, I was somewhat coaxed into several other items that she was wanting, but could not afford with the agreement of commissions to repay for them. There was a World of Warcraft plush toy, several virtual in game items in World of Warcraft and a few other items. Effectively, no direct money was exchanged but there was the agreement for the commissions in their place.
In total we worked out and agreed that she owed me approx 7-8 commissions based on the monetary value (more if I had charged her for the first tablet, but I felt that would be a rather harsh thing to do).

Now, the time during 2009 to the above post, there was effectively little work done. I saw one WIP sketch she showed me in person when we met in June 2010, but besides that, there was no other works. Questions about it yielded that she was working on them and planning to surprise me with them all at once and that she had several ready and such.
Once confronted in November last year, she admited that she had done no work on them. There were a number of personal issues, however she effectively did lie about her working on them to me and several others. Myself and two other friends (all artists), effectively told her that she needed to get her act together and she accepted this and began to work when she could, despite a few personal issues.
There is also no money and many of the items were virtual and cannot be returned, so refunds is somewhat out of the question.

There was a little after we confronted Kurisutaru and she vowed to start work, a rather large personal loss to her, that resulted in her having to move and her entire lifestyle being turned upside down. Now, I am not a heartless wretch and I gave her the time to adjust, grieve and such. However her new situation as well, has her having an excessive number of personal issues, which does impact on her time rather considerably as her time for art is severely limited and often because of these issues, they do not feel like doing the work.
Often, I am aware that she is busy playing Minecraft or other games, choosing to ignore messages from me, but happily talk to other mutrual friends, which frustrates me more so as it seems that she activately avoids me when topics are about the work she owes me.

In the approximate six months since Kurisutaru was confronted about this, there has been one picture completed, one picture effectively halfway done and one sketched. All others have not been touched or started.
Now, the half completed picture, I understand the content is a little uneasy for her to draw openly in front of family (A nude pin up of a character) and I am content with her reasoning that she cannot draw it much in her suitation. The sketched picture, is slightly also questionable in the same sort of aspect, though that is more so from what she questioned me she could draw for the particular commissions for it than my original intention for the picture. I do not mind it however, so again, somewhat content.
I have suggested offering Kurisutaru the more 'cleaner' options to work on, however, their answer to that is that the other pictures I have waited long enough, so they want to get them done. Which of course, they aren't getting done.

Do not get me wrong.
She is a hard worker when she puts her mind to it and a decent friend and I do not hate some of the wait coming from her personal issues. She has streamed to let me watch and she has done decent work on the pictures I have seen.
However, her motivation seems to evaporate quickly and she allows herself to become distracted easily and slack off for very long periods of time. She is aware of how long I have waited for repayment, however it seems to not be important to her.

This sorta brings me to my overall point, that their current situation prevents them doing the commissions, yet there seems to be no sign of change anytime in the future. I am unsure how to confront this situation, as the best advice all I seem to get is to wait, which I have been doing for almost two years now, with little in the way of results and confronting her either results in a rage fit, guilt trips or flat out ignoring.
With her hoping to open commissions, this is a warning that if anyone that may want to commission her in the future, that there will need to be quite a bit of paitence required, as well as potentially occasional proding to make sure she is doing the work she has been paid to.

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