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Identity crisis, anyone?

I'm new here.

A brief introduction: My name is Dane, and I'm one of the more 'quiet' and elusive members of the online art (mainly anthro) community. Dark, cartoonish art is my specialty, but within the past year, I've drastically reduced the amount of new artwork I post. I'm very "underground", the majority of my work is now shown only to close friends. As a result, I'm not very well-known within the anthro-art fandom.

Anyway, getting to the point: I just thought I'd mention that I recently encountered a very disturbing case of plagiarism/art theft/"identity theft". I'm posting it here, because I think that other artists should be aware of this individual since she is part of the art community that's associated with artists_beware.

Offender's name: Ernestina Salsedo (also goes by Ernestina I. A.)

Her Aliases: Red13, RedXIII, ErnDawg, erndawgy, digidydog, RabidRonso, RabidHyena, OodlesOfPoodles, HolliWould

Aliases she "borrowed" from me: RiotDawg, Riot Dog, Riot, uglydog, the ugly dog, uglydawg, rabidriot, and variations of these.


http://digidydog.deviantart.com - Her most recent DA site
http://erndawg.deviantart.com - Older DA site
http://redxiii.5u.com/ - "Public" portion of her web site
http://fanart.lionking.org/Artists/OodlesOfPoodles/?+hi+O++ - Her TLK archive (formally under "Red13 or DigidyDog")
http://fanart.lionking.org/Artists/HolliWould - Another TLK archive
http://www.livejournal.com/users/digidydog/ - Her LJ.
http://www.livejournal.com/users/rabidhyena/ - Her other LJ.

(Please note that these are her "public" links, not the locations of the stolen material)

What she's done:

- Common "art theft": tracing and re-posting my pictures, as well as making her own "versions" of mine. Most of the art that was stolen was from my old Side7 gallery. Most of this was done in "private" (for instance, she never uploaded stolen artwork to public archives such as DA or TLKFAA)

Example #1

Example #2 taken from this older drawing I posted on S7. Notice how the description is also copied.

Another one, not traced, but very heavily.. uhm, "inspired" by this (please excuse the bad art and childish angst, its old.. we've all been there)

- My character's name is Riot. She created a similar character whom she calls Riot (also making it an alias for herself) No, this isn't "theft", and in any other case, I would have dismissed it as a coincidense and shrugged it off. But here, it's obviously another one of her attempts to "become" me (more on that in a second)

- Plagairized entries from my old journal, and re-posted it in various places, including (but not limited to) blogspot and angelfire. Only minor text changes were made (her name in place of mine, "she" instead of "he", things like "sister" changed to "cousin", etc). She continued to do this until I made my old journal friends-only.

Example #1 (the top one's mine, again; please excuse the childishness, it's an old entry)
Example #2

Also, compare my DJ profile (left) with her angelfire site (right)

She also used one of my journal entries as her "bio" on a site which has apparently been removed. I saved screenshots, but the entry was particularly angsty and embarrassing, so I won't show it here (if you want to see it, feel free to e-mail me, but I think the evidence i've shown is enough)

- Copied & pasted many of my image descriptions.

- Created an AOL screename "The Uglie Dog", which she was likely using to pose as me. She also created at least 2 e-mail adresses under my aliases.

- Made several copies of my old web site, "Overkill", stolen artwork included. Again, only minor text changes were made. Most of these copies seem to be defunct now.

Example (compare to my site.)

- I also discovered an icon of one of my characters that she drew, which she may have been using on a forum somewhere.. again, posing as me.

Please note that what I've shown here is just the tip of the iceburg. The whole thing is much more extensive than it looks. Several websites were created, covered in plagairized material, I've only shown you a small piece of the entirety of what she's done.

What disturbs me the most about this case is that this person did this as though she has absolutly no mind of her own. She shamelessly took pieces of my profiles and copied/pasted them into her own, as seen here. She used to have 23 interests listed on LJ. Only 3 of were not identical to mine. 'Theft'? No. Fucking creepy? Yes. What the hell, honestly.

To resolve the issue, I sent her a 6-paragraph warning a few days ago, via e-mail. Her reponse was a whole two sentances, and she apparently removed the plagairized journals and the most recent web site which contained stolen material. The artwork itself still exists within her web site's directory, which I'm going to contact her about, again. Also, some of her older sites still seem to exist, though many of the links are broken.

It is very possible that I am not the only person whose identity/art/writings she's "borrowed". Most of what I discovered stemmed from a search I did on one of my screen-names, which she happened to be using. It was all downhill from there. One of the web sites she created was called "De-Illusion", which is not one of my names, but I remember seeing the name somewhere.

Any advice or information that anyone can offer will be greatly appreiciated. My e-mail address is riotdog@roadfly.org

Edit: Fixed some links.


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