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update on Blaquetygriss

an update on this:

Beneath the cut is the exchange of emails, perhaps i shouldn't be quoting all of it but I am really really becoming annoyed (that's being nice) and so I'm leaving nothing out from either side of emails.

Aug 8th she FINALLY replies to my emails with:

"Been rather insanely busy- sorry for the delay in shipment, forgot school is like in a week =(

I will get things out next when I have OODLES of time while my kids are in school. Right now its getting
them straight.

Again I apologise for the delay."

i write back on August 8th:

"as a student myself, "parent", and full-time worker at a middle school i know how busy busy is. but it has been 4 weeks since i last heard from you. 4. when you said the extreme time frame in which you'd
have it mailed would be 2. needless to say after paying you $400 i thought i deserved a little more.

oodles of time? don't think i've had that much time to myself for years, what's it like?"

on August 15th she says:

"Jeebus I had no idea it was four?! YIKES! Time is freaking flying like mad over here! OMG! I DEEPLY apologise for so long a time!

All was fine until I attended the school meeting they had here, it was like a 'heads up' of things to come.

This school year has some mess about if the kids don't attend school for a certain amount of days, the
parents AND child will go to jail- which REALLY stuck at me- amongst other things. For the most part we
drive the kids to school, but at this rate we'll have the school bus come here to get them.

Far as oodles of time, if I can just get a couple hours worth of time to myself- it's HEAVEN.

on August 15th i reply:

"i guess i should have worded my email more carefully... by "oogles of time" i meant what do YOU mean by you will mail my package when you have this "oogles of time"? on june 11th you said within two weeks it would be mailed. it's been 5 weeks now since june 11th.

i find it hard to believe you couldn't have made time somewhere within those 35 days.

yes, we all have reality issues. but i fullfilled my end by paying you, i'm waiting for you to fullfill your end. and i hope it's soon cause i'm starting to think i got ripped again. don't think i'll be
ordering from artists over the net for a long time if so."

Haven't heard another word from her. Tonight I emailed her giving her another week. How long do I have to wait? She going to just wait for me to get bored and leave her alone? Over $400? I think not!

I know sometimes things happen but DURING my payments and her making of the item she was emailing VERY often. I wouldn't have internet access time for 3 days and she'd be worried, asking about the next payment already. But once my payments were finished (July 11th) she suddenly disapears. Just seems some coincidence to me.

short version: STILL haven't recieved what i paid $400 for.
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