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Recoloring an Image You Don't Own

Hello, A-B! Question for y'alls!

Someone on a forum I run decided that he wanted to mod and recolor one of those personality core icons that're floating around on FA. Here's an example from the original artist.

The person who commissioned theirs saw someone pretty much directly recolor the icon they commissioned and got mad and told them that what they're doing is wrong (since it was their commissioned he recolored) and the guy is refusing to.

The recolorer later makes a thread about it saying:

No, seriously, this is so aggravating I'm laughing my ass off!

This is Copy pastaed from my face book, to put it into perspective.

Grrrrrrr. The artist who made the original image of my newest avatar (A Portal Personality Core) Made me take it down, because it's theirs and I respect that.
I didn't steal their work, never claimed it was mine, even though I photoshopped the thing this morning AND they're offering a commission at approx $11.
I shopped the thing in all of five minutes this morning.
AND respectfully took it down, even though I'm not legally bound to do so (As VALVE holds copyrights on it, they can't put a Copyright on their work)
AND THEN they offered to sell me a commission on it, even though I already have the look i want with my own photoshop job
AND their price is $11 dollars, when it took me five minutes this morning.

AH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ..and now *wipes a tear from my eye* He's accusing me of stealing HIS work, even though he stole from valve, who actually OWNS the Personality Core Copyrights and used his theft to profit, where as I modified for personal use.. oh god...

Regardless if Valve owns the rights to personality cores, he's still stealing an artists rendered work. What kind of argument do I propose to him before taking down his icon?

Much appreciated!
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