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The mostly good, One bad and I don't know if they are ugly...

I'll have to admit I've had mostly good experiences with buyers, so I count myself lucky, also I think if you demand upfront full payment BEFORE you even contemplate sending your work off to the buyer, you weed out a lot of deadbeats.

The Good Guys:

1. Syrrh - I was awful with his commission, I took a whole year and not once did he blow his top with me. Since then I've learnt to not underestimate how long an A3 sized piece will take.

2. Case - Nice guy, great communication.

3. Moldred - I don't know why he gets bad rap all the time. For all the auctions he won off me he paid as soon as the auction ended. His emails are always prompt and courteous. Very professional.

4. Snowleopard (D. Witts) - Paid a large sum of money up front for a sketchbook commish. Great communication, but has suddenly disappeared before I finished the sketchbook. I'm actually a bit worried about his welfare. I'm keeping the book anyway in case he gets back online.

5. Werewolf - (On furbid) Great guy, FAST payment.

6. PhoenixFeathers - same as above! Really nice guy, not fanboyish in the least even whilst chatting on msn :)

7. Fruman - Excellent! Really nice guy and super fast payment too. Great for a Canadian ;) (jk)

The Bad Guy:

Assinio: Sleaze on FurryMUCK. Keeps trying to weasle art from many artists especially in the artists room. - And whispers sexual propositions to you! Ewwwwww! STAY AWAY from this guy.
Tags: beware, comm-assinio, positive feedback
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