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Lost Contact With Kikariz

Last December, 2010 I commissioned a two character image from Kikariz on Deviantart. The commission was to be fully colored, no background and cost me around 45$. I would check back with them every month or two for progress on the work they were doing for me. I never got anything other than "I'm working on the sketch." No problem, I'm very patient!

A few weeks ago, after hearing nothing, I decided to send them another update request since I hadn't seen any work done on my commission and it had been 4 months. I load up their page and notice that their account on DA (the only place I knew to contact them) was deactivated. I did a few quick Google searches trying to figure out if they had any alternate accounts. I couldn't find one.

My question here is, does anyone have info on where this artist might be? This isn't so much a beware as it is asking if anyone knows where this artist may have gone. I would love to contact them about my commission or a refund if they've come upon hard times.

Edit: Upon suggestion I'm going to attempt to contact the artist through the email address given to me when I sent the Paypal payment. Will edit with further details as they come.

EDIT 10/24/11:
Found a 'legit' new account for Kikariz that can be found HERE

I discovered it only after I watched the account. They noted me a few weeks later with this reply:

"Sorry that it took so much time to get back to you about it ;n; I feel really irresponsible to have lost my to-do list. But since I saw you as a recent watcher, I could finally remember your username. So, I still owe you a commission. Could you remind me what you wanted me to draw for you? Or you can also change if you have another idea. I know you have been waiting for a long time, so I will try to finish it as soon as possible."

This is an old beware but I figured I would edit it in case anyone looked here. The note above was dated 09/26/2011. Since then I have seen a small sketch of the commission, nothing full complete yet and personal artwork is still being uploaded to their account every so often. I will post a new beware if this issue isn't resolved by the end of the year. For now at leas progress is being made.

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