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Need some advice on a late pic

I need a bit of advice:

Last October, I commissioned a two-person ink pic from a rather well-known artist in the fandom (don’t want to name names yet). I paid by money order, and confirmed that they had received payment.

In the following months, though, they have been really hard to contact, with notes and emails often going unanswered. On a couple occasions I have gotten very rough estimates, like “I’ll try to have a rough sketch uploaded for you before I head to such-and-such con next week”, but then the deadline goes by with no word from them.

As of yet, I have only seen one wip sketch, and that was an extremely rough sketch back in mid-March, which is also the last time I have heard from the artist.

They have been somewhat active on FA, however, and have posted journals about going to various cons, and also uploading older commissions of theirs (mostly holiday pics from 2007-2009 range).

*EDIT* It's not that the artist has a 3-year unfinished queue. They hadn't been posting on FA in a long time before that, and a lot of them were pics they had in other galleries on other sites.

In the past I’ve been sending notes about once a month; should I try more often?

I’m not sure if I want to step this up to a full fledged name-naming Beware, though, especially not without warning them and giving them a chance to respond. A friend says he had a similar long wait for his pic, but it eventually was completed.

I'm just a little irked.
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