Emolgalicious (punkspacewafers) wrote in artists_beware,

Questionable art trade?

So I have a question regarding an artist that I set up an art trade with.
We agreed on this art trade about six months ago. They would do two small pieces of art in exchange for a hat.
They gave me a reference to make the hat, so I followed the reference, finished it my part of the trade, and posted photos. I finished it pretty quickly, and did not expect them to be done in that time. Well, I never did get a response from them about it.
I sent them a note about four months later, and they said that "the hat was all wrong." Well, okay, I re-sold the hat to someone else and asked them if they wanted to continue the trade with a new hat. They said yes.
They sent me a new reference, this time of what they wanted the hat to look like. It looked nice, and after some discussion, we decided on the final design. I, again, made the hat, posted photos, this was two months ago. They commented saying how beautiful and perfect it was, but they also said they had a hand injury and it might take longer to finish their part of the trade.
Recently, they've posted a couple of journals regarding owed art, so I got excited thinking they were working on my artwork! I commented, first on their journal, and got a response with them asking if they ever gave me an address to send the hat to. I said that they had not, and then asked if they started on my art yet. No response.
About a week or two later, I posted on their commission status (which I did not happen to be on) if they had started. No response. They posted a journal two days ago, meaning that they had been online, but I'm not sure if they are reading their comments.
So now, I have this custom hat sitting here in my room for a really long time, and I'm slightly tired of this shenanigans, but I don't know the artists situation and I don't want to be too quick to jump to conclusions.
Do you guys have any advice? Is it my fault for finishing the hat before they even started on their part?
Tags: advice for artists, trade

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