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Advice: Received photocopy

 Hey guys. I probably really shouldn't be complaining as I still have a few commissions due myself, but I need insight on if I should pursue this issue.

I commissioned an artist who happens to go to my school at FWA this year. I pretty much knew them, and as a fellow student, I figured there was no rhyme or reason to not commission them. I loved their work and I figured they would be perfect to draw a really creepy image of my typically cutesy chupacabra.

I paid them (on Saturday), saw them working on it while I worked on commissions myself, and was told it would be completed the next day (Sunday). The next day it still wasn't done, but that didn't bother me since we go to the same school, and I figured I could see them in the dining hall the following Monday and nab my commission there. Well.. no dice.

After FWA, I never saw them around the school. I am great friends with their roommate. The roommate told me that they wouldn't give out a phone number, but that they would talk to the artist for me and try to work something out. I sent messages to the artist many times through the roommate, mainly because I had absolutely no other way of contacting them. I was told by the roommate that the artist is not a furry and thus would not have an FA. I am unaware of any other online accounts as well. Every time I saw my friend since FWA, I had requested he grab the commission for me since the artist could not be bothered to work with me. The friend told me to try to catch the artist right after a class, which I could not do as I had a meeting. This Monday, the artist gave me a phone call but I had a class so it went to voicemail. I quickly shot them a text message explaining that I got out at "x" time. I got a break shortly after, called them, but received no answer. We played phone tag a few more times, but eventually they never called me back. I couldn't leave a voice message because their inbox isn't set up.

After days of receiving no more contact from the artist, they finally turned over the commission to my friend to give to me upon my request. I was really excited and as I examined the drawing I realized that it was a photocopy. Not only was it that, but it had photocopy dots all over the white of the paper and some of the lines were pixellated. I was not happy that I did not receive the original as I expected (and saw others given at FWA). My friend tried to guess as to why, such as the artist didn't want to rip it out of the sketchbook or wanted to keep the original for a portfolio. But this still made me agitated.

I have recently sent them a few texts asking for the original scans and edits or the original. I REALLY want the original, as I feel that I paid for a drawing - not a photocopy. I realize that the communication issue is my fault for thinking I'd be able to just see them in person, as well as for thinking I'd get the actual artwork. The original was not exactly agreed upon.. but usually at cons you are just given the piece of art and that's that, right?

I am very dissatisfied with what I have received and do not feel like I got what I paid for. The drawing is FANTASTIC. The copy I have of it? Not so much. It is regular printer paper and is speckled as if it were xeroxed. Should I continue to contact this artist demanding my original, or let it go? If the artist refuses communication for a while longer, should I post a beware?

Any opinions are appreciated. Thank you.

EDIT (5/8): I have told the artist that if they continue to refuse contact with me that I will post a beware about them tomorrow morning, as there is no reason they should ignore an unsatisfied customer. However, if the artist DOES get in contact with me, I know many of you want their name for your personal records. Please note me if you want their link.
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