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Well, this isn't really a warning, more of a question...

I just checked my mail this morning and found the following email:

how are you today? my name is bruno wase i will like to order for some
of your art work to my substore in nigeria and i will to know if you can
accept the folowing options
can you accept credit card?
can you ship to nigeria?
can you ship via ups or usps ?
please get back to me with your website address and the list of art works
you have in stock and your minimum order if you accept the listed above
options so that i can proceed with my order asap
await your reply.
thanks with regards

So, here are my questions:
- Why would a serious business/shop owner have (not to sound mean) rather bad grammar (unless English was not their first language)?
- Why would they be asking for my website? Isn't that how they found my work/know that I am an artist?
- What do they mean by "List of art works that I have in stock"
- All in all, what is this person asking for? Art for shirts? Prints? They didn't really specify, or else I totally missed it.

Also, has anyone else recieved an email from this person?

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