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Lately, I've been looking for adoptables because I'm bad at character design and I want a few more.

So I found a few I liked...but then I found some I absolutely fell in love with.

Sadly, the two I really loved (One by FA artist Neverin and the other FA artist Techen), both of these artists seem to have vanished from FA with no alternate contact.

I am willing to pay as soon as these artists get in contact with me, but I know I just cant start drawing the adoptable until I purchase it. Two of them are ones I really really connected with after looking through 30 some odd pages of adoptables XD

What should I do? Has anyone heard of these artists on other art sites or know where they went? Or have any advice other than that.

I know I just have to buckle down and wait but still... D:

Thanks for your input!
Tags: advice for commissioners, artist-neverin, artist-techen, lost contact
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