Saetia (vibris_sae) wrote in artists_beware,


Hey y'all -

Has anyone heard from this artist recently?

I commissioned her for three Halloween bust pieces way back in October; after a couple months without hearing anything I contacted her and asked for a change, since she hasn't started and Halloween had long since passed. She agreed, and then they never got done. Apparently she just forgot to do them. I can take caps of the notes if anyone really wants them.

I waited some more, and then asked for a refund in February, and she said she would as soon as she re-opened commissions. She did so about two months ago, and I've asked but she seems to have ignored my notes, and then disappeared.

I know she had some health problems so I mostly am just hoping she's okay. A refund would still be great since I know some artists who are hurting for cash, and I'd like to help them out.
Tags: artist-cicatrizesp/rabid, lost contact
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