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Refunds from Starfinder.

ETA May 08: Dragoneer has told me he is giving her until next Friday, the 13th, to make substantial progress or he will close her account.

I have been speaking with Dragoneer on FA about Starfinder and her scamming. He has told me he is making her give refunds, and that she will be banned if she doesn't, and doesn't give them in a reasonable timeframe. She is also not allowed to take commissions via FA while this is going on.

Here are his words:

I've outright told her to refund anybody who requests on from her, and to provide a realistic date as to when they'll get a refund.

I would suggest encouraging people who want refunds from her to post on that journal, and to request a refund with dates/times. If she has no intent on refunding people that alone will be her undoing. I'd like to hope that there can be a good outcome in the end, but I do see your point of view. If she's outright not intent on paying people back or delivering, I'll fully come out and say as such and provide as much evidence as I can to back you, AB and to be able to be used on any other site she may be on.

Unfortunately, I need the evidence on FA itself, and a solid track record. If people post for refunds... don't get them, that alone'll be the damning factor here.

The journal he is referring to is here.

He adds:

Starfinder needs to give people a realistic date for a refund. If she can't give people a date up front, and stick to that date...

So yeah. People should go "I want a refund, my contact info is..."

She already did the "but, my rent!" thing with me. I told her that wasn't my problem. If she can't deliver she's gone. I'm not playing around.

DO NOT harass her. This is not a post to say 'it's okay to go pester her'. This is a post for people to get their issues resolved. I expect you all to handle this like adults, anybody found harassing her because of this post will be banned.

Because of her habit of hiding comments nowadays, I would recommend that any of you that post on her journal also post here, especially with a refund date she gives you, so you have a proper record and we can go back to it if she breaks her promises. If you don't get a refund in a good timeframe, leave a comment here and note Dragoneer immediately.

Again, POST YOUR REFUND REQUESTS HERE FIRST: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/2284785/ and then come back here and copy and paste your correspondence with her so we can all keep a record of it.

While I don't agree with not just banning her outright at this point, I am happy with the idea that things might finally be resolved for people, and I fully intend to do everything in my power to make sure something comes of this, unlike all the other times somebody tried to take action.
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