NeonSlushie (viothefoxbird) wrote in artists_beware,

Advice for a refund? Avsun.

See my other Avsun post for more details.

At this point, I'm really just wanting a refund from Avsun, as Syber/AzureCoyote is offering to work out something with me, and honestly? I'd rather have a bodysuit from a known maker, and trusted friend who made my partial that the bodysuit will go to!

As of right now, nowhere in Avsun's journals or emails to me does it say that the 30% deposit was non-refundable. (I've screen-shoted this from their journal in case they change it.) Is there something I'm missing? If they have not spent it on materials (which I heavily doubt they have), am I eligible for a refund? I have not asked them about one yet, since they have not replied to my emails at all still, almost 5 months now (even though their most recent email to me was ended with "I promise we will never be out of reach during business hours!" Yes, that's really working, since I've sent 2 emails since. *sarcasm* )

I'm really just wanting a refund right now.

In.. better news I suppose? According to their journal header, they're not accepting more commissions. That's good. They're starting to listen to us.
Tags: advice for commissioners, artist-avsun mascots

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