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Nebula of Wonders...

waited for doll updates for nearly two years (UPDATE)

(as much as I felt bad about doing this)

WHO: usako-chan


WHAT: two plush dolls

WHEN: since 2009

PROOF: I paid her for the plush dolls via checks. I’ve waited patiently for her to work on them

almost two years later, I almost forgot that I’m still owed the dolls from her, so I checked on her to-do list and found out my dolls are completed (or are they?)

I pm’d her on DA (but she didn’t checked them)

I reminded her about it on Twitter

I’ve read on the disclaimer on her journal that says don’t send her any DA notes; only send her emails (which makes sense). So I went ahead and emailed her, asking her about my dolls (my email)

But I got no response so far

EXPLAIN: I absolutely adore how she does plush dolls and I respect her craftsmanship, etc. but it’s been almost two years and I hadn’t received photos of my dolls yet whatsoever. I don’t wanna get screwed over by her ‘cause she’s a great doll maker (though I do understand that she’s busy with life issues and RL). She seems to update stuff on her Twitter, but I felt like she's ignoring me for some reason

I'm not writing this as a beware or to let her down. All I need is some words of advice of what to do

this will be updated as soon as she gets back to me eventually

ETA: according to this journal my dolls are finished! I'm so happy to see them done and they look fantastic. That said, everything's as good as resolved!
Tags: advice for commissioners, artist-usako-chan, resolved
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