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Hi there everyone!

I really hate to post here, but I feel this needs to be out there. I completely love Fry's work, no way here I am bashing her(or him?) work. She has talent. :)I am still willing to work with Fry, I just need some sort of contact and a completion date, or even refund.

So here is my story I suppose. I saw a few of her postings on fursuitauctions about fursuit foam heads and feet paws commissions. I was instantly interested. So I shot her an e-mail asking about it.

I got a quick response

This got me excited! I can get one of these awesome foam heads! wewt!

She responded

So I sent the money in! Since she was in Europe I sent it in euros, but she had refunded it because it needed to be pounds. I understood and so I resent it in pounds. It cost more, but I understood its how things just work.

So from then on there wasn't much communication besides me sending off the fur for the feet. I don't like to hassle people I commission so I thought I was being pretty good about not bugging her. I was in no hurry. No completion date was discussed, but by the sounds of it she was going to get started fairly soon, and should be more than a few months.

Eventually I sent a note on LJ because I had seen her on there recently (at that time) This did bring up my hopes. She had worked on it and was too far off. So again I left her some time. Again I am in no hurry, just a tad concerned. This was the last time I had heard from Fry. I had sent more emails and LJ messages. I have been polite in all of them. Stating I am in no hurry. Just an update would be nice.

Am I being too nice and not pushy? I've never had to do this before >.<

So I think that's all the needed info. I have screen caps of payments to prove I did pay.

I hope this helps anyone in my situation or anyone considering commissioning Fry.

I'm do feel bad about posting, but I cannot just sit here any longer.

Thank you .
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