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Coming Soon: General Advice Posts

I am proud to be a member and moderator of a community which has an astounding number of resourceful, knowledgeable, and helpful members. By sharing your advice and experiences, you have helped countless artists and commissioners over the years. While advice posts aren't the primary reason this community was formed, I think they contribute to its purpose by preventing issues from escalating to the point of a 'beware'.

In the community guidelines, we request that people who make an advice post browse through the previous posts to see if their issue has come up before. However, this is a tedious and often fruitless task. We have a lot of advice posts, and they are all tailored to the OP's specific situation. For someone with a similar (but not identical) situation, gleaning advice from the comments in these posts is a monumental task. 

So, we are going to do something different.

Every other week, a moderator will make a post about a different topic. Then y'all can comment with your advice. Also, if you recall someone (including yourself) making a particularly helpful comment related to this topic in a previous advice post, please link to the comment (or you can copy-paste if it's your comment originally).   You can also link to entire posts that match this topic. 

The purpose of this is to create a library of advice to which we can point people who submit advice posts, and to which people can refer as needed.  We will still allow advice posts that don't necessarily fit into our general posts.

For our list of topics, so far we have:

What do I do if I am featured in artists_beware ? (this will be the very first one, the others are in no particular order)
How much should I charge for my art? Done
Copyright:  What are my rights as an artist?
Copyright:  What are my rights as a commissioner?
Copyright:  What do I do when someone wants the rights to my image?
Copyright:  The do's and don't's of referencing from photos and other art.
Copyright vs. Trademark
What should my contract include?
What should I put in my terms of service?
How long should I wait until I ask for my money back/warn about this person?
What printing services have you used and would you recommend them to someone else?
Someone wants me to do a comic/sequential art, how much do I charge/should I treat it differently than a regular commission?
How do you handle when someone wants corrections/repairs/fixes?
Very general "How to get along with artists"/"How to get along with commissioners".
What do I do if my art is stolen?
What's the best way to ship my art?
What do I do if the item I mailed didn't arrive?
How do I help ensure an international shipment arrives (safely)?
Websites/resources to help artists.
Good business practices.
Techniques for organization and keeping track of commissions.
How do taxes work with regards to commission income?  (Must keep in mind the advice there will be country-dependent.)
How long should I keep the art and how should I store it? (Digital or real media.)
Emergency commissions:  do I jump on the good deal or let it pass?
What do I do when an emergency comes up and I can't work on commissions/send my payment?
What do I do when I need to do a chargeback or do a PayPal dispute?
What do I do when someone issues a PayPal dispute or chargeback on me?
What do I do when my commissioner/artist disappears? 
Are there measures I can take to make it harder to steal my online art?
Someone wants a pic of someone else's character (with their character or as a gift).  How do I make sure it's legit?
Books? How much to charge for the images, and how to have a conversation with an author who is most likely not educated in how the art world works.

Any other suggestions for topics that get asked a lot?

(p.s.  Kudos go to kayla_la  for this awesome idea!)

EDIT:  Adding topics as they are suggested so we don't get repeats.

EDIT 2:  We mods are just posting the topic; the advice will be in the comments.
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