That Eric Thing (poizenkat) wrote in artists_beware,
That Eric Thing

ludicrousy/furensicsstudios update

remember this? probably not

well after missing so many deadlines its finally done and i have it right now! there are a few issues though. some very visible seams, mostly on the feet and hands. and some glue clumps. specifically on the head but i cleaned it up. as well as that its a bit tight in the crotch area but i may have gained some weight since commissioning her and i can fix that myself.

other than that? the suit is beautiful. i LOVE it. Im glad that she cleaned her act because shes a very nice person. im not sure if id say anyone should commission her though because of the headache she caused though.

so please mods mark that entry as resolved, thanks!
Tags: artist-furensicstudios/ludicrousy, fursuit, resolved
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