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starfinder update: resolved? maybe? plz? x.x

*double edit* I have various other options at my disposal. Posting on wet_canvas or wet ink, or whatever it was where she posts her RL stuff is one, and a few others. I'm not going to stop 'hounding' her either til she pays me.

*edit* Users don't tag anything on A_B. Mods do. S'why I put a ? in front of resolved. Also, I got a note from her an hour or so ago:

Sent By: astray to cyberwuffy On: April 24th, 2011 03:07


I wanted to keep you in the loop. Unfortunately, the commissioner who's piece I finished a few days ago (it's the 'Sheppie Girl' upload on FA) has flaked and not paid for the work. :( I was hoping to use the funds from that piece to refund you, but now it's been delayed since there are no funds. I will attempt to recover funds somehow, probably with a new commission, to give you a full refund this week. If that doesn't work, I will at least try to give you a partial refund (as much as I can muster after rent/bills are taken care of on the 1st) and then take it from there. :) Please let me know if this is okay. I'm doing the best I can here to make you happy/rectify things.

- K

original post below this line. for rlz.

Got this note just now.


It's mentioned in an A_B post somewhere. I will (hopefully) be able to just refund you by the end of the weekend and get you off my back. Right now I am waiting for a considerably large payment on a commission that I finished/streamed, but have not heard back from the buyer in the past 2 days. As soon as I hear from them and get paid, I can refund you. Now please, stop commenting on everything I post, in my streams, etc and just in general hounding me. I am doing the best I can here, and I just want peace and quiet.

I'm sorry that things couldn't have worked out differently.

Yay +$80 soon!
Tags: artist-starfinder/-star-/astray/kannos, resolved

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