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Avsun Mascots

This is my first time posting here, and fatkraken expressed interest in there being a general Avsun post, and having other customers post their experiences in the comments, whether they be good or bad experiences. If this is not allowed, I'm sorry :C

The OTHER Avsun post:

WHO: Avsun Mascots


WHAT: A body suit for an existing partial of my character. Concept art:

WHEN: I first contacted Avsun for a quote late November, 2010. Contact was fairly consistent at first, and they were extremely friendly. I was quoted at $665 for a bodysuit, and sent the downpayment of 30% in early December. A duct tape dummy was made and sent out as well. The last actual email I received from them was 4 days after I sent the payment. In the beginning of February, I got a mass email sent out to their customers explaining they were sick. I've sent them several emails since, asking if they've received my duct tape dummy, and asking other simple questions. I have not received a response since mid December.

PROOF: The first contact email:

Payment sent:

Last personal contact I had with them:

Mass explanation email from Avsun:

Email sent today from Avsun, undoubtedly after seeing these a_b posts:

If any additional proof is needed let me know.

EXPLAIN: Usually, for me, this situation would not yet be bad enough to make a post here about it. However, after seeing the previous post about them HERE I became very worried. Fatkraken wanted to have one big post where other people can post their stories about Avsun, good, bad, or ugly.

After seeing the other post, I really don't think I will be seeing my $200 or suit from them. I don't quite know what to do.

Like I said at the top, I've never posted to artists_beware before, so I apologize if something is off or wrong :(

EDIT: Here is their pathetic excuse for a twitter, looks like it was made the same time the other post about them was made here on artists_beware. I think its a coverup saying LOOK WE ARE DOING WORK. But there are no pictures or evidence of any kind that anything is actually being done.!/Avsun_Studios

EDIT 2: Added the most recent email to the screenshots and fixed the blurring.
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