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In 2009  I commissioned a small plush from Milktea on FA ( http://www.furaffinity.net/user/milktea/ ) for 25 dollars. There are no longer any examples of them, but they were kinda cute mushroom like plushies, very simplistic. She seemed to be very easy to work with and was quick to send me a rough draft of the design in question. It was approved and I assumed that she would be getting to work. She was quick to produce little freebee tags for those that bought commissions from her:  http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2608596/ (NSFW, boobies)
Things went downhill from there. Unfortunately I no longer have any of the notes from 2009.

The artist seemed to have some issues coming up off and on, which is fine, everyone has problems arise and some stuff needs to be put on the back burner. However, when next I asked in a long since deleted journal (I believe this was early 2010, I might be off) when we'd be seeing the commissions, I got no reply.

There were several updates along the way, but no signs of anything having been done, no actual updates on the commissions. March 28th I finally sent her a note explaining that if she was not going to produce the doll, that I would appreciate a refund. There has been no reply since then, though it's been read.

I really don't enjoy complaining about this sort of thing and I know that sometime life can distract both commissioner and commissionee from talking, but when I've made several attempts to even get info on what's going on and get no reply, it is discouraging and not the way to do business. I'm out both money and plush and I am done being patient about it.

For now I would say avoid doing business with Milktea.
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