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Hi all,

I was wondering if I could get some insight on a problem I’m having. I’m wondering what I should do regarding two commissions with the same person called “Daemon”. There’s a little backstory here, so I’ll try to sum it up quickly.

Last year I was at the Caine convention (a White Wolf Larp con) and I had placed two auctions up for bid in the charity auction. The first was a werewolf sculpture which sold quickly, the second was to do a free custom sculpture of a person’s character to the winning bidder. I say “free” as the people bid and the winners bids goes to a local charity. (they raised 5k+ that year) Before the custom sculpture auction I had stated what the winner would get (size, painted, etc) and stated what I would need from them. I had expected the werewolf players to bid as they were a large size that year, but a vampire player named Daemon ended up winning. No problem there though, I'm better at animals but I can do humans. To him I stated that I would need at least 1 large full sized photo and at least one close-up of his face and any specific details he wanted. This is where the problem begins.

A while after starting the sculpture, he had commissioned me to do a colored pencil drawing of himself as well. I had received a small full-length photo of himself and was still waiting for the close-up photo of him, so I had agreed since I was assuming he’d send me more photos shortly. To this day despite multiple emails specifically requesting larger photos and a close-up, he has continued to avoid the question. It’s very difficult to sculpt a person accurately from a miniscule photo, let alone draw him.

Actual sized photo he sent, not edited

Also, after accepting the colored pencil drawing, in one of his replies (still ignoring the sending of a close-up), he mentioned that he was going to possibly use the drawing for his next book cover. (I didn’t know there was a first, but he released one last month or so, he gave me the link) That annoyed me. Had I known he wanted the drawing for a book cover, I would not have charged him what I had. (I suppose he knew that though…sneaky) and would have said I wouldn’t do it without a close-up for accuracy. (I’m not going to draw shoddy work for someone ever, let alone for a book cover) I keep telling him that there is no way I can accurately draw a large drawing of him from the picture he sent me and he still ignores the requests for a close-up. I’ve been having trouble casting the sculpt and have apologized to him for taking so long. (apologies also to anyone that has commissioned me and I took longer than I should have) Some time ago I had even mentioned that I’d give him some of his money back (out of my pocket) as an apology for such a long wait, but he didn’t even respond to that either.

I don’t know, I’m at the point that I just want to finish the sculpture and send him his money back for the drawing and tell him he’ll have to find someone else. (he immediately paypal-ed it to me when I initially said yes) Does anyone have any suggestions on this? All comments are welcome, even ones telling me I’m an idiot for getting myself in this mess. :P Thanks guys.

-Tigrr Wildcat-
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