Myself (plucking) wrote in artists_beware,

Hey everyone. At the risk of sounding quite silly and this being utterly unimportant, I have a question for you all:

A while back, I was contacted to paint someone a commission of their character. I'm not usually open for commissions but my general workload was down at the moment and I was in need of money, so I accepted.

Since I haven't really done commissions much in the past and not being quite confident on myself, I told them they could pay after I was done with it.

A week or so after having accepted the deed, my real life started getting hectic and I ended up putting the commission on hold for the time being. It was just recently that I e-mailed them asking if they were still interested (after all, no monies were exchanged, the painting was only a sketch, and it'd be fine if they wanted me to drop it). They told me to continue with it and I did.

I went through each stage of the painting with their approval and ended up presenting them the finished artwork a while ago.

Problem is they haven't replied at ALL since I sent the finished picture. :( I'm fairly sure they're online and about, just not acknowledging the fact that I finished it. I did try to contact them again, but don't want to be a pain in the ass.
Tags: advice for artists

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