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Looking for Advice?

Hello, first post here! ' A ' ;;; I hope this is allowed--I just would love to fix this if it is still at all possible to do so…

At ALA '10 (yes, more than a year ago @_@) I took a commission from someone for $10 to do a full color drawing of Xanxus from Katekyo Hitman Reborn with his Liger. It was the last day of the convention so he paid me up front and I asked for both his mailing address and e-mail to keep in contact, but only got his mailing address.

Life happened, and I'll spare you all details, but the bottom line is that I never drew it. In September, I think, I did send him a snail mail asking if he still lived there, and told him I hadn't drawn it and offered a full refund, offered to draw it if he still wanted it, or if neither of those made up for my inexcusable tardiness offered to work something else out. I included my mailing address and e-mail and asked him to contact me but he never did, and I didn't see him at ALA '11.

Now, I know not drawing and not contacting were both very terrible of me as an artist to do and I would like to make things right, but I'm wondering if there is even anything I CAN do to rectify this more than a year later? I hate that I caused a bad experience for this customer. Should I try to send him more snail mail? Forget about it? Draw the picture and post it online hoping that one day he sees it? X_X;

Thank you everyone for your help!
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