Elizabeth Watkins (spirit86) wrote in artists_beware,
Elizabeth Watkins

I don't often post in here, but I felt it nessessary this time.

About a year and a half ago I accepted a trade with www.redfeatherhusky.deviantart.com

I completed my half of the trade within a month. She sent me her address for me to send it to her, and I told her I would just as soon as she finished her half as well.

I've been working my ...butt... off trying to get in touch with her. Notes on DA, emails... for a while I thought she was offline... until I noticed that she's still been uploading artwork. She REFUSES to reply to any form of contact.

Then she has the balls to sign up for my art site.

I KNOW she is active online, she simply REFUSES to reply to my inquiries. I started off being nice about it, but then I sent her a warning that I would make this whole thing public, then I posted a public "where is my trade from that year or so back?" and now... still nothing.

So I post a public warning here. I would HIGHLY reccomend not participating in a trade with Ms. Albert... and honestly, I don't know how her commission skills could be any better if she treats other artists like this.


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