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Missing Artist: Ardor

 WHO: Ardor, Ardor Inferi


Ardor was doing a 100 theme commission. It was traditionally done but we were to only be given a digital copy from my understanding.

WHEN: I originally contacted Ardor on May 7th 2010 for three slots. Possibly a foolish move on my part, but on June 19th 2010, I contacted Ardor again for additional spots on the list.

PROOF: First contact:

Payment 1:

Second Contact:

Payment 2:

Last Contact:

EXPLAIN: Last time I spoke with Ardor was on June 27th-28th, when I asked for permission to repost the works she had done for me. I have tried to note her, to no avail, on January, 20th 2011. The note remains unread in my sent box. I am simply looking to contact her now.

She has completed three of twelve owed to me, the links can be found here: (NSFW for Blood) (NSFW for Blood)
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