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Warning about Artist

Please note this was a mature commission. There is no adult images, but there is descriptions in that regard.


Milkshake on Fur Affinity/ Urunay on Youtube


Fur Affinity (

YouTube (


Four part vaporion transformation, mature, coloured sketches.


10/25/10 - 20 euro payment.

12/8/10 - I expressed concerns, they mentioned RL issues slowing commission.

02/5/11 - I notice they had taken down all their artwork on their account, no activity for months. Began looking for them then.

02/7/11 – Artist responded on YouTube, refund received.


Payment and accepting commission-

Tracking down artist-

Admittance to being Milkshake + refund-


The artist closed down their account and attempted a runner. I managed to track them down through information in their forum posts and comparing art style, and got a refund. So the issue has essentially been resolved and I moved on. But several users felt it necessary for me to report this incident, so that people know what the artist tried to do. I must admit, I'm not entirely comfortable reporting them, despite what they tried. They asked that I not reveal their identity, which is exactly what I am doing now.

Essentially the first commission I got off Milkshake went well. So much so, that I commissioned them again. But it was with this second commission that I encountered problems. The commission kept getting delayed, because what they claimed were problems they were having in their day to day life. Until eventually they stopped responding, and I found their account had been stripped of all artwork. It was at this point I knew something was wrong.

I began by looking at their forum posts for any means of contacting them. They had a deviant art page, but this was also closed down, adding to my belief that they had simply run off. I discovered they operated under a second name, after a Google search; I found a YouTube account under this same name. The art was very similar, so I had every reason to believe this was them. They later confirmed this by admitting to be Milkshake from Fur Affinity.

They recognised that running off was unacceptable. The reason they had done this is because they wanted to erase their association with the adult side of furry art, start up elsewhere as a clean furry artist; with no link to their older adult drawings. A mature commission such as mine was of course not along those interests, so they just dropped it.

I got a refund off them and they seemed to be sincerely apologetic. They requested that I didn't tell others they were Milkshake, as they really wanted to separate their new account from their previous one. I'm of course going against their interests in that regard right now, which despite their actions; has me somewhat uncomfortable. They did seem genuinely sorry, not like that excuses what they did.

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