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I have taken kappyjeanne's advice and given him a deadline to get back to me. After that, I'll just continue on and finish the commission with ought approval. Thank you for the advice! 

This is more of an advice post then a beware.

On march 17th, someone commissioned me for a flat colored image. I got paid shortly after and all was good. I sent them the sketch, got that approved. Then I sent off the inks a week ago. Wondering what was up, I went to check their FA page to see if they've been active. Since some people simply forget to check they're email, which is what I use to communicate with commissioners.

Well, I found a journal stating they were moving and might disappear for 7 months time. I have to be honest, I'm pretty ticked that they wouldn't let me know this at all. Now I can't work on the commission (as I only work with approval firs) and I don't really like the idea of keeping it for months. Especially since by that time, my style will surely change, as well as the quality and I'd not feel too good working on it anymore.

Any idea what I should do? Would it be better to refund them, or just wait t'ill they come back? There's also the options of just finishing it with ought approval, but I've always worked with getting approval at each stage, so I don't know if it'd be wrong of me to go against that randomly.
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