boblooser (boblooser) wrote in artists_beware,


March 26th, 23:40
I need some help locating some lost contact.

these are her email in case they help me find her and

So I commission someone on an avatar  site call (only using this to explain what it an avatar site and is of no importance )
Anyway I got ban from there. Before I got ban, I commission someone though email on there. I am very bad with name so I forgot her username. She didn't give me her DA (deviantart ) account  either so I can;t contact her on there. (I don;t think it really important but I will post it anyway)

So I went back to paypal and got her email. I paid her half of the commission price upfront, so there real cash involve. I send her an email once a 3/2/11 and another one on 3/22. She didn;t answer to either of those. She have 2 email for her paypal so I send it to both.  Also when I commission her on gaia she always answer within a few day or week. (no more then 1 week if I remember but i have bad memory)

I know I should ask for her email but I didn't.

Now I am not sure what I should do next? Should I keep emailing her?What do I do if she never answer back to my email? I know some people use different email for paypal and for personal email.
Tags:, lost contact


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