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Missing artist - MangoIslandCreations *RESOLVED*


RESOLVED! I got in touch with her on her twitter and it turns out my partial is on it's way to her to be worked on :) Thank you to those who gave me her twitter, much much appricated!



Hey all,

I commissioned a partial from Mango back in mid-late 2010 (dates aren't fully important at the moment) and I told her that I wanted it for Confuzzled 2011 (Early May) - I've had communication problems with her in the past, where my emails went unanswered and prompting me to email her a few more times, which was solved when I added her to my aim, however recently over the past two weeks I've not seen her come onto AIM, or if she is, she is away, so I leave a message asking for updates in a polite manner, which go unanswered.

I'm getting a little worried that my partial won't be done in time for confuzzled =( because as it stands now there's five weeks left, and all I have seen of my partial is a foamed head and part of the tail - no handpaws nor feetpaws.

I'm wondering if anyone's seen her around? =/
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