Skulldog (skulldog) wrote in artists_beware,

A little fishy..and poorly spelled

After hitting a DD on DA, been getting some not so fun spam mail from people wanting free art, and this.

"hi kerryn i belong to some paint shop pro groups and yahoo stationary groups and was wondering if i could get permission to use your wonderful artwork that i discovered thru deviant art, we make no profit from using artists work and your copyright and website would be included on any pieces used.

some of the groups do tube artists work with permission (ie. take out the background and just use the main part) but u can specify that u dont want it changed in anyway and that would mean that your art stays as is but maybe a frame or similar would be added. if u would like to see something about what i am talking about i could do a letter using one of your pieces and email it to you

hope to hear from u soon

regard allie luke
im originally from australia but now live in louisiana"

Didn't know if this person was fishing for people on DA to spam, or if anyone else as dealt with them before. Doesn't sound too legal to me.


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