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David Brick

WHO: David Brick or David K.Wong,
dkwbrick@yahoo.com   http://dkwongart.com/

WHERE: ACen, or other conventions.

WHAT: Commished at ACen 2010 at his booth.
Large 2 character color digitally with background (barnyard)picture for $100 To be mailed to our address after the convention.

WHEN:  Anime Central Convention. (ACen )May of 2010.

PROOF- Click hereCollapse )

EXPLAIN: My boyfriend and I commisioned David at ACen 2010, a Large 2 character color digitally with background (barnyard)picture for $100. He said it wouldn’t be finished until after the convention and that he would mail it to us. We gave him our character referance sheets, my bussiness card, with name, phone number and e-mail. Which I then wrote my home adress on it. We paid by credit card.(see screenshot)
Couple of months passed by and we had not heard anything. So we decided to give him a call. i talked to him briefly he stated he was still working on it and would contact us when finished.
Another month passed by and we got worried. This time I E-mailed him but got no response (see screenshot)
Couple of weeks pass and I give him another call, I get him on the phone and he statesthat he’d be in Chicago next week and to give him a call so that we could pick it up. Gave him a call when he said he’s be in town but got no answer so we left a Voicemail. All the week I called him everyday but still no answer.
To this day almost a year later and another ACen coming up, we have not recived our artwork, or $100.00 back or any response as to what is going on from the artist, David.

Jade Wolf & Chaz
Tags: artist-david brick/david k. wong, beware
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