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A question about selling image rights

So, I've seen a few discussions on the sale of image rights done in this comm before and, having just received an email from someone about purchasing one of mine to sell out of the blue, I felt that asking here for some feedback on how to proceed - if at all - would be my best place to get the best advice from the most knowledgeable people I can.

That said, time for backstory:

I have an image on my DeviantArt of a tribal rabbit tattoo design. Just now, I logged into my email and found the following message:

"Hello. I was wondering if I could purchase this doodle from you to use as a logo at a local crafts festival in Virginia. Please let me know if you would consider this and what you think a fair price would be. I am only a local crafter selling minor baubles, but I don't want to steal your art. Thank you for your consideration."

I haven't replied to the email as yet because, quite frankly, I haven't the foggiest idea as to *how* to respond. The message isn't offering much by way of details on how exactly the image would be used or if they would be making some form of income from the image, and I'm at a total loss on a) what I should be asking for, information wise, about the use and distribution they have in mind and b) what a fair price range would be for the sale of rights to use said image.

Any and all feedback is HUGELY appreciated. Thanks!

EDIT: As of today (March 22nd), I've had some discussion with the individual and they've let me know that they unfortunately aren't able to actually pay for usage rights and therefore appreciate my time, but won't be able to do business with me. Ah well, maybe next time. :)
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