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how long is too long to wait?

so about three weeks ago i got some icon commissions from someone. paid within 2hrs of being shown the completed icons (in smaller format/ a collage with others from that batch). i was supposed to get a 500x500 and a 100x100 of each of them, and have yet to receive them... i went about two weeks being ignored asking for my full sizes and resizes (asking every few days), and finally got an email saying they were having net issues and would send them that night, and that was about a week and a half ago... i emailed them again tonight, and never got a response, but they promptly put up a journal saying they are having personal issues and that's why they haven't been responding (along with another submission)... that's all well and good, but i paid for a product that i *know* is done, and i am pleased with, but how hard is to send out an email? how long should i keep prodding them to send me my images before i post them here?

*edit* i just sent another email asking for full sizes again, and informing them i will open a dispute if i don't receive them by the cutoff date (april 10th). if i have to go that route, i'll definitely post here again with a beware... thanks for all the input and suggestions ^^ actually, i'll send a note as well so i can see if it's opened...

*EDIT2* (3/18/11) i just received my full sizes and icon sizes, and an apology for the delay ^^ all is well and resolved, thank you all for the advice ^^
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