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Beware: Shon Howell / King_Cheetah

WHO: Shon Howell / king_cheetah

WHERE: Furaffinity / Deviantart

WHAT: Commssion work and Retail book (two different things)

WHEN: May 2009 and October 2009 till current

I originally contacted Shon Howell for a commission based on a comic I was working on.

and was responded to almost immediately.

I sent payment immediately, Shon was known for cranking out work like mad.

And let him know

After a month without hearing anything at all (including receipt of payment), I sent him a note to make sure that he had all the info he needed.

And got a "Working on it note"

And then nothing. Not for a while. I sent out a couple of pokes (notes and shouts, unfortunately, the shouts aren't available to screencap) just to see where he was on it. This note is still listed as "unread". 2 emails went unanswered.

I received a response on Sept 23rd 2010 (almost a year since my commission) saying he had sketches and would be finishing them up soon, but I never heard anything after that.

Even a quick note 3 months later resulted in nothing (This too is unread)

I like to think that I'm fairly patient with things. I don't mind if artwork is late, but I'd like to be kept informed, especially if I've paid in advance. However, this is not the only problem I've had with Shon Howell/King_Cheetah.

One of his comics, done with Phil Gibson (who is an awesome guy, really), had their first book printed back in May of 09, and I ordered a copy.

Phil, as a favor, signed it and sent it with postage included to Shon, to be signed and shipped.

It's, to my knowledge, never been shipped. (Receipt for the book follows)

During this entire time Shon's been posting art on his FA, he's got his up and down times, but he's been posting fairly regularly.


Beware. Shon Howell is a lousy communicator, and you'd do much better working with just about _anyone_ else. Getting updates out of him is like pulling teeth, and getting anything you've paid for is exponentially harder.

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