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so, I set up a trade with someone just before last may, fur for a foamed fursuit head base for my character... I sent out the fur after being told that the head was sent out.

the fur arrived with them, and I had a may deadline for finishing the foam head being sent, it never arrived, and only when I inquired about it was I told that it was sent back to them. I kinda took that as a post office fail, whatever...

then, I posted about doing trades on the fursuit auctions LJ, the person replied to this saying that she would finish up that head base for me in exchange for a head of her character [who needed redrawing, and I couldn't start until the new refs were done]

now to the 'beware' part:

this was around june-july last year, most of the messages about this incident were lost with the FA fail that happened in december, in journals and notes. but, the jist is this;

I inquired about the art for my half so i could work on it, and any progress if she was working on mine, and she said it was all furred and waiting airbrushing, but was in storage so she couldn't take photos, no new ref art either

this went on for awhile, until I was told that the head was airbrushed, but she ripped off all the fur because some of it went wrong, fair enough... it happens.

no contact for months, followed by at least 5 auctions for premade heads being sold to fund her personal stuff

when i contacted again about photos, i was told she was sorry and that i didn't have to work on the head trade anymore and that i would recieve the head for free and it would be shipped in time for october, using a resin base instead of a foam one, that deadlined passed, then december, also passed...

she posted a mass of photos afew days ago, including commissions and MORE personal suits for sale, i asked about my head again, and was told she would take it out of storage for photos the next day, that was yesterday... and i'm still awaiting photos :/

I know its free [well, not quite, theres the fur trade that I never recieved the other half for] so, what should I do? cut my losses [the fur itself was very pricey, thus the rather big trade for it], or is there something else?

the character has had 3 full overhauls since, so its not even going to look like my character anymore :/ so its just going to be sat collecting dust in  my room, its not something very... sale-able either

not naming names, though I will if things get much worse than this.

EDIT: 'final notice' note sent not long ago under the cut

 "its getting alittle stupid now, I'm patient... but its been almost a year now and I've not seen anything in exchange for that purple/white fur I sent you [the fur used on the bunny]

so, on the advice of others, I'd like to see some progress shots of it before next friday at the latest, if that can't be done, I'd like the full retail cost of the fur back, which is roughly £110 [bought from this website, when it wasn't on sale ]

at the very least, the original item for trade would be good [resin base, with teeth/ears/eyes/nose]

i can understand things getting sent back in the post, i can understand airbrushing going wrong, but I can't understand putting out all these premades when you have commissions and trades waiting, its not good business sense."

EDIT 2: the person in question can be found here:

the note has not been replied to, and they have been online 4 hours ago at least. [of posting this edit] and the note I sent is 2 days old now, and left unread.

she also avoided me when I asked about it on a stream I found her watching.

at this point I'm finding it very unlikely that I'll see anything out of this 'trade' :/ I've also noticed that on her updates she posts on FA, she /always/ forgets my name on the list [kimi, being the name of the character] and I always have to ask her to add it. if anyone on here knows her/is in contact with her, I'd appreciate the help. I've been more than accomodating, but I just feel used at the moment :/

EDIT 3: recieved progress photos, and a note appologuising for the delay

and a different beware that was recently updated, is --->
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