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Beware: Ms_Manuscript / Muddle Designs

WHO: ms_manuscript / Muddle Designs / Serif Balehawk

WHERE: furaffnity.net/user/ms_manuscript

WHAT: A furry hoodie of my character, Foxfairy. We set the price at $80 and I paid a deposit to hold my spot, then another payment to secure funding for all the materials. The first payment was put down in September, the second in November, and I agreed to pay the final $30 + shipping on completion.

WHEN: From September to November, everything was fine and he was a pleasure to work with, answered everything quickly and was great in helping me pick the fleece color. And I even got a WIP of the foam base for the head! Since then I have heard almost nothing.I sent one note in late December, and got a reply that he was working on it. I asked for updates last month, which is when I started to get concerned. I sent a note on Feb 11, and got a reply on the same day, that he was almost finished and would send me pictures soon. i20.photobucket.com/albums/b230/Springmoon/Feb11PromisedPictures.png
I sent another note five days later, reminding him that I wanted pictures; it's been sitting unread for a while now. (there message in the note is really short, just saying I would appreciate some WIPs)  i20.photobucket.com/albums/b230/Springmoon/UnreadNote.png 
I tried to get ahold of him via email and got a response the next day, i20.photobucket.com/albums/b230/Springmoon/Gmailconvo.png but no pictures, and nothing for the last 11 days.

Paypal stubs: i20.photobucket.com/albums/b230/Springmoon/paypalhistory.png

EXPLAIN: I've been really patient with this artist. He seems really nice, and I put down my deposits. I though everything was going well but I'm starting to get extremely frustrated. I have been promised pictures for almost a month, and I haven't got any tangible proof that anything has been completed besides the foam head base, and that was done in October.

What makes me really, really upset now is that I've found out through some internet stalking that he been really active on twitter and tumblr this whole time, almost every day:  serifbalehawk.tumblr.com/ AND twitter.com/#!/MS_Manuscript

This makes me feel like I'm being almost completely ignored. If he was having issues on FA, I gave them my email to contact me. If he was having problems with his internet connection and couldn't get anything to me, that would be fine too (as long as I knew). But he obviously has internet. If he is using his phone to access the internet, that's no excuse for no photo updates. Any phone that can access twitter and tumblr can access email fine, and take pictures too. My crap phone from 2008 can send an email with a picture. 

I know life is complicated, but answering an email and taking a photo (even a crappy WIP one!) isn't hard. It takes literally five minutes, tops.

I thought this person was of excellent character and he may well be, but at the very least this should stand that he's not particularly good at updates.

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